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Join Tevra in Celebrating International Guide Dog Day

By Shanna Stichler International Guide Dog Day is always the last Wednesday in April. This is a time to celebrate the important role that all guide dogs, but especially my good friend Diamond, play in the lives of blind and visually impaired handlers around the world. What are guide dogs anyway? Guide dogs are specially […]

Prison Puppy Raising Programs from Leader Dogs for the Blind!

Shanna Stichler Assistance dog training centers across the United States have discovered a new source of volunteers ready and willing to commit at least a year of their time to raising a service dog puppy and preparing him or her for formal task training. These people are inmates incarcerated in correctional institutions around the country. […]

Poison Prevention Month and Pets

March is Poison Prevention Month and most every pet owner has at one point thought about or actively prevented their pet getting into something that they shouldn’t have. It’s one of the least pleasant parts of pet parenthood, sadly our furry friends aren’t always the best at knowing what they shouldn’t eat. In honor of […]

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