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Vetality Brush Free Twist & Lick Oral Gel for Dogs


Vetality Brush Free Twist & Lick Oral Gel for Dogs

  • EASY TO USE: 100% Brush Free. Just twist to the desired amount, and your dog will eagerly lick this tasty and effective oral gel. No Brush. No Mess. If your dog is like our dogs, they’ll be asking for it every morning (and you’ll love it too)!
  • CLEANS ALL DAY: Patented ProLong Technology naturally adheres to teeth and gums, so one application gently and safely cleans for 24 hours—unlike brushing and canine dental chews that stop working as soon as they’re done. Say goodbye to plaque and tartar build up.
  • FRESHENS BREATH + PROMOTES HEALTHY GUMS: Twist + Lick freshens breath the lasting way: by continually killing the plaque and bacteria that builds up in your pup’s mouth eliminating bad breath and gum disease.
  • SAFE AND POWERFUL: ProLong Technology is a natural bio-adhesive that uses your dog’s natural licking motion to cover their teeth and gums and deliver powerful active ingredients. One application lasts all day.
  • WHITENS AND BRIGHTENS: Unlike chews and brushing, Twist + Lick keeps working throughout the day, so your dog will have whiter, brighter teeth faster.

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