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Category Archives: Tevra Brands

Ask the Trainer: Why do Our Dogs Give Kisses?

Most of us love puppy kisses, so we generally don’t think about why our dogs lick. Dogs lick us because they love us, right? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Here are a few reasons why your dog loves giving kisses! Affection It’s true, many dogs lick to show affection. That’s why most […]

The Top 4 Reasons We Don’t Brush Our Dog’s Teeth

The Top 4 Reasons We Don’t Brush Our Dog’s Teeth Here at Tevrapet, we’re celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month, but the vast majority of pet parents don’t brush their dog’s teeth. And by majority, we mean 98 percent. Around 80 percent of our pups get some form of periodontal disease by their third birthday, […]

Pet Dental Health 101

Pet Dental Health 101 As a loving pet parent, you do everything possible to keep your dog happy and healthy. We’re sure you feed him a high-quality diet, keep up on flea prevention, and visit your veterinarian for his annual checkup, but what about his dental care? Over eighty percent of our dogs suffer from […]

Poison Prevention Month and Pets

March is Poison Prevention Month and most every pet owner has at one point thought about or actively prevented their pet getting into something that they shouldn’t have. It’s one of the least pleasant parts of pet parenthood, sadly our furry friends aren’t always the best at knowing what they shouldn’t eat. In honor of […]

FDA ALERT: ORAL Flea and Tick Control

dog scratching in grass

By Dr. Olaf Hansen On September 20, 2018, the FDA sent out an alert to pet owners and veterinarians about potential neurological adverse events associated with certain oral flea and tick drugs that are in the isoxazoline class. Tevra Brands currently does not market an oral flea and tick product. According to the FDA article, […]

Meet Dr. Olaf Hansen

tevra logo

Dr. Olaf Hansen is a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from the University located in Hanover Germany with an MBA from Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland. Dr. Hansen is the Vice President of R&D (Research and Development) for Tevra Brands. Previously he was the Global Project Manager for Bayer Animal Health developing parasitic-ides. He is […]

Tevra Brands Introduces Vetality Firstect Plus and Avantect II for dogs

Vet Firstect-6-ct product boxes

(Omaha, Neb., February 14, 2017) Tevra Brands™ announces two new vet quality products recently added to their portfolio of intellectual properties, Vetality™ Firstect™ Plus and Vetality™    Avantect™ II for dogs. These products provide vet quality efficacy and will be available to millions of pet owners for a lot less where they shop every day. “Whether […]

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