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Traveling with Pets: A Packing Checklist

The holidays are fast approaching, and for many of us, they include traveling to visit friends and/or family. Most of us also love having a chance to bring our dogs along for wintery adventures. Here are the key things to bring with you if you’re planning a trip with your dog this holiday season!


Vaccination Records and Health Certificates

Always have a copy of your pup’s vaccination records in his duffle bag. You’ll need a health certificate as well if you plan to travel out of state. Some hotels may ask to see your dog’s health records, and they are required if you are traveling with Fluffy by air. Also, they’ll be necessary for boarding or doggy daycare, if you decide to go somewhere that wouldn’t be ideal for dogs. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, make sure you have all the required medical documentation for your dog. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck at Customs because of a paperwork issue.


Collar and Leash

This seems obvious, but you’ll need a collar and leash for your dog, so he can accompany you as much as possible during your trip. Getting him used to doing his business on a leash will also make life a lot easier for everyone.


ID Tags

Again, this seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to put tags on their dog before traveling. If the worst happens, having ID tags on your dog’s collar will make it a lot easier to be reunited. If your dog has a microchip, be sure it’s updated with your current contact info, as well.


Food and Treats

Most of us know that dogs tend to do best on a consistent diet. They’ll be happiest if you bring along whatever food they’re used to eating. Suddenly needing to change their diet can cause intestinal upset, which is not at all fun when you’re on the road. Taking your dog to a lot of new places will test his training, so make sure to bring along some yummy training treats to help him be on his best behavior.


Portable food and water bowls

There are a lot of portable dog bowls on the market now, and they are very useful. They can easily fit in a purse or backpack, and they make it easy to care for your dog anywhere you go together


Medications and supplements

Be sure to bring along any medications your dog may be taking. This includes any supplement he needs to stay in peak condition for maximum adventuring with you. For anxious dogs, it sometimes helps to give a natural calming supplement. TevrPet Triple Action Calming Sniffer Chews from Tevra Brands combine a proprietary calming blend with a patented pheromone for fast acting, long lasting calming benefits.   The great thing is your dog will think they’re a treat!


First Aid Kit

There are several doggy first aid kits on the market, and if you have the time, you can even put together your own. Some essentials to include are: tweezers to remove ticks, styptic powder to stop toenail bleeding, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze bandages adhesive tape, scissors, and antiseptic moist wipes.

Be sure to bring a couple of your dog’s favorite toys or bones, so he’ll have something to do during the long drive or if he’s spending time without you for some reason. In addition, to alleviate boredom, the familiar scents of favorite toys help dogs feel more secure in a new place. This can be particularly helpful for anxious pups.


Crate or carrier

If possible, bring a crate or other animal carrier with you. It will be much safer for your dog if he needs to hang out by himself for a few hours. Also, crates are great for dogs who have trouble remaining quiet in the car for long periods. Crates come in all kinds of cute styles, especially for smaller dogs. If you need a larger crate, you can easily find canvas ones that fold down for easy storage.

So, have a wonderful holiday adventure with your dog this season! Your pup will have a great time, wherever he goes, as long as he is spending time with you.

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