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Tevra Brands supports Leader Dogs

Nellie Leader Dogs

Tevra Brands is excited and proud to announce our continued partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind! For nearly 80 years Leader Dogs for the Blind has been helping individuals with visual impairments enjoy their life to the fullest. Tevra Brands is glad to help the organization provide dogs that will help people for years to come!

The Michigan based charity provides over 200 people with a Leader Dog each year at no cost to them, granting them years of independence they wouldn’t have had before. Tevra Brands is making sure those dogs remain flea and tick free by providing them with our vet quality products!

By making sure the dogs remain flea and tick free it gives the staff of breeders, trainers and clients the peace of mind that the dog is healthy and able to focus on training.

Why Leader Dogs?

One of the key tenants of our philosophy here at Tevra Brands has always been to help dogs help people. Leader Dogs for the Blind shares that sentiment and by providing their client with not only a dog at no cost but an extensive training program to teach them how to use their dog to navigate the world.

That ability to navigate independently can help those individuals find employment, interreact with their family and community, and can even help them live a healthier lifestyle! Leader Dogs also has an incredible score of 85.08 on a score that reflects their never-ending mission to help those visually impaired individuals that need it!

They also have an impeccable breeding program with over 100 breeding dogs across the US, ensuring healthy, intelligent puppies for years to come!

How many people do they help?

Leader Dogs for the Blind’s reach is incredible, and it allows them to help so many people! Currently there are over 1,400 leader dog teams in all 50 states and in 18 countries! Their puppy raising program has 500 people raising Future Leader Dogs in 21 states! This far reach and commitment has allowed them to help countless people in their 80-year history, and with Tevra Brands and Leader Dogs for the Blind joining forces the sky is the limit!

Tevra has always been committed to helping dogs help people and our partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind is just another way we are doing so!

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