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Vetality Naturals Oral Flea & Tick Chews for Cats 120 ct


Vetality Natural’s Oral Flea Chews for Cats is a natural oral chew flavored with real chicken flavor that naturally repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes before they bite.   Your cat will crave the chicken flavored chews, wagging their tail in anticipation for their daily pest prevention treat.

What makes these oral chews unique and different is that they repel pests preventing them from landing on the skin and taking a blood meal from your cat.

Many of the non-natural flea and tick oral chews do not repel pests but kills them after they bite.  If your cat is prone to allergic reactions from flea bites this is the right flea and tick solution for your them.

A natural flea and tick solution that is safe for use around children and pets,not oil residue and naturally repels are a few reasons why Vetality Natural’s Oral Chews are right for you.

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